Jarwo B.V. has been active in the food processing business for over 15 years. We supplied machinery for the potato, vegetable and snack processing industry. Most of our production lines contain frying technology. We used this technology to develop and manufacture different types of fryers. Frying is a delicate technology where frying temperature and frying time are related to the moisture contents and structure of the product.

    During frying various reactions take place:
  • Moisture evaporation
  • Flash evaporation
  • Inactivation of enzymes

The frying time and temperature are critical. Related to that is the oil-pick-up of the fried product. We manufacture electrical heated pellet fryers and thermal fluid heated pellet fryers. The oil can be heated with a maximum of 2 W/cm² avoiding oil cracking. In our designs we minimise the contents of oil in the system to reduce the oil turn over time. During frying the oil is filtered continuously to maintain the oil quality.

    Fryers are manufactured in various sizes and systems. Over the years we manufactured:
  • Fryers with one or two belts (bottom and submerged belt)
  • Fryers with only a submerged belt
  • Fryers with automatic hood and belt lifting devices
  • Electrical heated fryers up to 90 kW thyristor controlled
  • Internal and external heat exchangers by means of thermal fluid or steam
  • Digital frying time adjustment
  • Menu programmable controlled

All fryers are specially designed for each product with their characteristics and capacity.

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